Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Case For God Is Compelling.

The case for God is so compelling that we can not go on with our lives without exploring well religion and finding the truth about God. These are some of the compelling evidences:

1- Creation.
2- Failure of the evolution theory to explain our existence.
3- The intelligent design which is basically God is evident in all universe including ourselves.
4- The unbelievability that a creator would not declare himself.
5- Human spirituality.
6- Supernaturals.
7- The prediction of the future: visions, prophecies and less accurate astrology.
8- The failure to disprove the existence of God.
9- The failure to disprove the Bible and Quran.
10- The most published and red books are the Bible and Quran.
11- Most names are those of the prophets of the Bible and Quran.
12- Despite sins and religious hypocrisy still most people in earth believe in a supreme power or a creator. Evil and good is appreciated by most of us. Evil from God is mostly justice against our own transgressions.
13- There is no proof that people with no religion will be more moralistic.
14- There is no proof that without religions will be less wars. For any reason for war leaders use religion to get more bravery of their soldiers and the promise of martyrdom if they die.
15- People at time of danger get closer to God even those who had denied him from my experience.Statistically the first to examine to find the truth are the Bible and the Quran. Scientifically, one to start with the Quran first since is the last message and no single letter has changed.