Sunday, January 27, 2008

New World Order (Moral Utopia Project)

After I made a new plan to restructure the very complicated health care/Medicare/Medicaid and social security in America with a simple health plan that insure every one in America and save billions of dollars every year to the American people I felt that the current world political and economic systems are also very complicated and we have a seriously dangerous world now. We do not have a choice but to restructure the world. You will know how a serious thinker I am before you think I am paranoid if you read my health plan that can be ordered from plan is an unconditional gift from me to the American people, as well 50% of the profit of the book will go to the families of victims of 09/11. I welcome if any country can choose to apply it . I would ask just to keep my name on the plan (here it comes my little paranoia).Going to the world situation if you read and take the opinion of a lot of thinkers they will tell you the same about the great pitfalls of the current world system and the dysfunctional United Nation. Unfortunately most politicians over the world now adopt more reactive policies to crisis and disorganized short-term policies. A preemptive peace is what needs to be done. A new world system that insure preventing hunger, disease and wars before they happen need to be established.Terrorism and clash of civilizations can be easily contained by this new system. No one should be feared about it. Though I put here outlines of this system it is only possible by a thorough discussion by a lot of brilliant people all over the world. I believe much in the world wide democracy. I still see the simple tribe system is the best system of democracy. There is no parties, media or institutions but people simply sit together and discuss their affairs in a transparent environment. In Islam there is no certain system of government but simply the leader is elected by any fair way and a consultation system that get input from every individual is implemented. I am still surprised to see people are fearful of Islam, the terrorism is a very unique phenomena and as president Bush himself talked about the hopelessness under repression and tyranny and the need to free people and improve their daily life. I think however the path he is taking to combat terrorism and Iraq first then spread democracy will take very long years.My new world plan gets all problems solved in one project. Besides the global problems, it addresses the Palestine-Israel conflict, Iranian nuclear projects, Iraq and democracy all in the same time.The new system I am advocating is the one that connect the countries that are members to share the same values of democracy, free market and so forth. One such system can be called American Alliance. This alliance that can replace the current UN or progressively take over this institution. The entry in alliance is both by choice and any country can recede whenever it wants. We will need a national voting for that from the country to join the alliance. However it can not have WMD after joining or if to recede. Most people in the Arab/Muslim countries with having the Support of America will to join the alliance. We will simply overwhelm their governments. The country which would join the alliance has to follow the roles of this alliance.These roles are:1- Combating Satan (evil): though people talk a lot of God the world problem is that we are listening to Satan. God is waiting for us it is Satan that we need to outsmart. He wants all of us to be enemies and we end by destruction of the world and our civilization. You can see it well every one is going after his affairs and if we have a third world war every one will loose every thing he had worked for. It does not need a brainer that Satan and evil are winning now in our current world affairs.2- Harmony between all people: Christians, Jews, Muslims and other religions.3- Ten commandments/Major sins.4- Good deeds and morality.5- Honesty: dishonesty is behind every evil particularly governmental distrust, conspiracies and wars.6-Virtue: Islam handle this very well: one has to be faithful and not to sin and put the mechanisms to prevent sinning. But if one to sin he should not talk about it and not to be repeated. Talking about sins end by unfairly accusing people, give the sense that sin is everywhere so people sin more. It became a good way to get money from people to get them to sin and then blackmail them. No one in Islam is to spy or trash any one reputation and media could not talk about a sex life of an individual. Simply, no one should know or talk about any one sexual life, it is between him, God and people that are affected by this relation. Satan want us to sin and get the worse consequences of sinning.7-Democracy.8-Human rights.9-Women rights. Note for Muslim women they can work and go as high as they can. Islam protected them with the Islamic uniform and with separation in schools and work from men. The most common problems for women in the west are break of marriage due to infidelity and sexual abuse during work both can be avoided by separation of men and women at work places.10-Minority rights.11-Freedom of religion.12-Absence of corruption in all its forms.13-Absence of drug production, trafficking or dealing.14-Justice to every one.15-absence of any form of discrimination.The American Alliance will oversee most items. It could have anti-corruption section, human right section and so forth in the new UN.Democracy should be overseen in each country by insuring free election, free press and separation of power.A new political system I see is what I call it the consultation system. No doubt the party system has proved not only to be inefficient, but also a dangerous system for the following reasons:1- Most of dictators like Hitler and Saddam came through a new national party that incite peoples with crazy ideas for sake of that person greed to power, pseudo-heroism and glorification. Satan does his best job in the world through these evil people.2-Totalitarian systems like communism strengthen themselves through a party. Every tyrant needs two structures. The upper structure as I see it is the control of media, military, police and most of institutions. The lower structure is through the party which give the people the false feeling of democracy and in the same time get strong support from the people who will benefit from the system as a second army inside the communities so they continue to protect the system.3- Even in true democratic countries the party system is not working well. politicians are more occupied with politics than policies and for one party to take over the other party has to fail. It is the civilized war Satan is looking for. Many time the political process is not a continuum but new administrations are trying to undo what other ones have done.American politicians should consider that for our sake given above issues. Ultimately America gets dragged on by one way or another when one country political system breaks down. In the old days when people where fighting with swords we would have been well protected here in America.In the consultation system I purpose:1- Getting money out of politics and media.2- Politicians who are running for different positions do not belong to any party. Every one identifies himself by his own position. If you read my health and long term care plan you will find that we will get this very important policy to a great part out of the political struggle.3- In this system the politicians are well watched with unbiased and very independent and responsible media.4- The president role is more like a great consultant that gets the most experienced and brightest people to share in decision making. Decision making is more like a consensus and not a monopoly.The new economic system of the world for the American alliance:1- Non interest based economy: lending in the Bible and Koran are supposed to lift up the poor. It is abused now it gets the rich people lend their money and make high profits from the poor. Example of such a new system is like selling a car with no interest that can be paid over three years. Same can be done with a lot of goods.2- New Banking system: banks including the federal banks will function by having availability all time through mutual agreement of supplying money with no interest among them and Federal bank. Money will be lent with no interest to public. A good credit will allow one to borrow higher money amounts. Banks will get profits by cost of service and by selling their mutual funds and other sorts of shares to the public instead of Cd's. But why should people give the money to banks with no interest. For different reasons they would do that, it is safest way to keep money, they will get certain benefits in the future like amount of money to burrow. I think many smart ideas will come from financial experts to have pouring of money in the new banking system. As well by the main Bank of Alliance to supply regular flow of money. One important motivation to keep money in banks is the global development and contributing to abundance of the new economic system and preventing wars.3- Investment will be mainly through stock market.4- As the economy is in full power in America it contracts after it expands. It is like a closed room the economy that can not get any bigger. In American alliance economy on the other hand, if the American economy is in full expansion money goes to other economies (spell over) that open new economies and strengthen the American dollar buying power. It is like having a new way to expand linearly the American economy. Suppose with one dollar you buy 5 apples. If the apples are grown in Israel/Palestine, Lebanon..... the one dollar could buy you 15 apples or more.5- That is what I call economy of abundance compare that by the greedy capitalistic system now where people lend with interest rate. The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. In the Alliance or Utopia economy we are lifting every one and strengthening the buying power of dollar. Thus the rich is getting richer (remember money is what it can buy of services and goods, if you have a million dollars and no one is working in the world what you have is only papers).6-One currency economy: the American dollar will take over every other country currency and can be done gradually. In the future a dollar can have pictures of that country currency and change can be issued by the individuals countries for the small changes. One currency is very important in simplifying and encouraging investment in individual countries.7- You may say that Americans will loose jobs. In fact their dollar will have higher buying power and my Taman health plan will have money for every American insuring his health care and long term care kept aside. In fact he will be working less hours and enjoying traveling around the world.8- In order to develop a country the problem has always been the governments: either corruption, bureaucracy or lazy officials. In my plan good banking system will be first established in every country and money can be burrowed by people. Big corporations usually goes after money that will help to develop these countries with burrowing, job creation and paying back cycles repeated over and over we will lift every one in these countries. As you see we will bypass the hands of the officials. The UN will help the big corporations to define resources and potential projects.9- I am for a simple Tax code like president Bush is seeking to do to be applied in each country. I actually like something in addition in Islam called Zakat or Gezia which in our American alliance can define poverty in each country and the poor defined by income divided by the number of households. People under poverty line get a certain amount of money (2.5% of yearly income of all well to do people go to the poor in same country). Except for my health care/long term care were we protect your money from you so you spend it and keep it only for health and long term care, I prefer people to have the money in their hands. Governments proved to us over the years not to do a good job with our monies.Why Americans should benefit from such alliance:1- Preventing third world war, we will be able to keep an eye on global politicians. Through the history America is the one ultimately has to face the bad guys as Hitler, Milosevic and Saddam.2- America is overwhelmed by the immigrants or potential immigrants.3- Resolving global terrorism.4- Developing appropriately the third world and combating poverty.5- Preventing ethnic cleansing and local wars before they start.6- Global environmental standards.7- Benefiting Americans corporations from the best way to invest and grow more.8- Solving Israel-Palestine conflict.9- Halting Iran and other Muslim countries acquiring WMD.10-Possible clearing of India and Pakistan of nuclear weapons.11-Simplifying control of the world. Though the project is large, it is much easier in next decades to control the world. Two complicated problems of the world in the same time could take all time of American politicians. We will be lift by diplomatic alliance with China and Russia. It will be ultimate dream if both as well to join the alliance. The Europeans through their own union or joining the new alliance are likely to continue not to pose threat to the civilized world.With all the world problems and the difficulties of the individual countries to solve their own problems we do not have choice but large alliances. As you see Utopia is not a fantasia it is a most do now.Why a country would like to join this American Alliance:1- Protection, a country will be protected by NATO. It will have a small army joining NATO. However it will maintain its police and other local force enforcement agencies.2- Get help during natural disasters.3- No one would let to die of hunger in the countries of alliance.4-Economic development.5- Freedom of speech, free market, bill of rights and other advantages mentioned above.We basically will be exporting America to the people with no need for them to come and take jobs from Americans. We will have an unlimited expansion of the American economy. Every country can still enjoy its culture and sovereignty. We will just be avoiding wars and maintaining an eye on global politicians so we do not see another Hitler or Saddam.People may think it is a Messianic dream, the truth is if we are realistic and pragmatic and look to the world from the geopolitical and economic mandate we will reach to the same conclusion. If you go to most third world countries you will find they share same problems and their governments can barely feed them.If I am promoting all of these ideas I should be considered a pro-Christ, please review the Christ teachings. The world is full of immense economical and political problems and major clash of civilizations. Suppression or exclusion of Muslims from the current political scene does not help the situation but inclusion and dialogue are the answer.Most important now is to open the dialogue. When people talk they will find out they are all humans and have the same goals in life. The desire of domination and excluding other civilizations is in fact fruitless. If the Messiah comes I will be happy to step aside and let him take over. There is no obligations, the plan should be discussed openly and people, not only the few world politicians to give their opinions. If we to wait for the rupture, good luck I never saw this word in the Bible. It is the new trick to keep the status quo of the world and oppress any novel ideas.