Sunday, January 27, 2008

Eureka: Taman Health Plan.

Taman Health Plan (can be ordered from is as simple as your ABC:What it covers?All Americans for Health Care and Long Term care.Who run it?As a big corporation it will have a central command "Human Health Services" in Washington and branches in the states "health departments". This will help us to provide standard health and long term care services to all Americans.What it replaces?All the current systems of HMO's, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.How it works?We are replacing all of the above systems with Health Credit Cards. Every American will have a health card with a corresponding account in the Bank of the plan. He will get a bank statement every two months.What these Cards?Card A: for all children.Card B: for all working group 18-65 years old.Card C: for Medicare above 65 years old.Card D: for few of card B, for all Card C if they run out of money in account.Card E: for few who will need expensive medicines and investigations.What cards pay for?Cards pay for all health care as outpatient (doctors fees, investigations, health products and medications) as well for the hotel part of hospitals and nursing homes. Thus credit card machines that are devoted to all these services will be in the corresponding places ( doctors offices, pharmacies, hospitals and nursing homes).What does cover the medical part of hospitals and nursing home?The plan itself and not the cards. The plan will budget the medical part of hospitals and nursing homes.How the plan revenues, expenses and investments work?Revenues: first year all funds of Medicare and Social Security. Yearly revenues from taxes.Expenses: budget medical part of hospitals and nursing homes and pay for cards A, D and E.Investments: in wall street in diverse stocks (as mutual funds).What card B and C accounts come from?Most Americans will be in cards B and as they hit 65 years old their account will be continued but as Cards C. First year of the plan all of us will get bonus in our account (B and C cards) from what each of us had accumulated over the years. Say we starting the plan 2006 and suppose I have with the government 200,000 dollars as my Medicare and social security that was withheld from me over the years. 70% or so of that will be the bonus of my account and 30% will go to the plan if we need to. Second year of the plan bonus of say 50,000 dollars will go to new card B comers ( 18 years old as the card B first issued). Then a yearly tax withholding say 5% of income or pay roll will go as 3% to the person card and 2% to the plan.Why cards?Cards will provide these functions:1- Eliminate bureaucracy.2- Will save more than 200 billion dollars a year paper work.3- Will insure all Americans.4- As every American has a medical record and a health card he will be shopping for his health care and understands well his medical condition and as he invests in his health he save the system a lot of wasted money.