Sunday, January 27, 2008

Is the Quran a Shapless Book?

People who would criticize Islam they do not look many times to find if it is real or fake book. They made up already their mind and they look to see how to defeat it. You can do that with other people to defeat them, but suppose you are dealing with a God who created all the universe and is all powerful and as Jesus mentioned there is heaven and hell. Would not you be more respectable and at least try to find sincerely the truth about it and not to jump to defeat it. One of the common accusation to the Quran from some critics is that it is a shapeless book. The reality it differs from most book for these reasons:1- The Quran is speech from God to us.2- As a speech it is not about single subject or a branch of science but different subjects.3- It is not a law book, science book, linguistic book,... it is all of these in a single speech.4- It starts commonly by a simple introduction and ends by a certain wisdom.5- It talks to all humans Muslims and non-Muslims.6- The flow from one verse to another and one topic to another is smooth one. It is like reading a glorious letter from a glorious writer.7- The speaker make you feel the authority and power of a great God. You get the same feeling when you read the bible and the authority and glory when he talks to his prophets.8- We are the one who to make the different sciences of the Quran as students and scholars. It is like God is telling us this is my book read it, study it and discover it.9- Go to and search verses that have a common word as "justice" and see what verses about Justice and create the topic yourself. You can make hundreds of shaped topics from seemingly shapeless Quran.10- This is how people made thousands of books from this single book and made a living by the study of Quran. Unlike the ministry of education where it provides you with the subjects you study, Quran is a ministry of education that require us to find the sciences and subjects.11- For those who hate Islam the Quran is shapeless. For those who love it they see it as a living text that you never get enough of it and you continue to discover new things in the Quran. You can make a lot of shaped subjects, sciences and articles like this one from the Quran.