Friday, January 25, 2008

An Invitation To Refute The Quran

Disbelievers are invited to refute Islam. Actually we will have a mass exit from Islam if they convincingly can refute the Quran. However they have to give us a convincing scenario.1- They can not have Muhammad as a liar, insane, magician, social reformer or agent of Satan in the same time. They have to give us one convincing scenario and stick to it so we can be convinced.2- They can not have it both ways they give the right to a lot of the old testament Kings and prophets to fight back for the cause of God and prohibit that for Muhammad.3- They can not have it as evidence against Islam that Muslims fought each other a thing that happened with Christians all over the ages.4- They can not have it both ways applauding for Moses to get laws from God and criticizing the Muslim Sharia laws.5- They can not have it both ways that Quran was a conspiracy of Jews that taught Muhammad the Quran or the Arabs and in the same time a single mind of Muhammad had created the Quran. The critics have to sit together and give us one convincing scenario. They are confusing us we can not find the path out of Islam.6- They can not use the Bible to refute the Quran since the Quran is well preserved and the last words of God. When the Bible and Quran have a contradiction the reference should be the Quran. If you want to refute the Quran defeated from within.7- You can not start in the middle of story you have to start from the beginning. Like when there are verses in the Quran about wars do not start in the middle of the story. It is like saying John slapped James on his face and not mentioning that James had slapped him first. Do not say that Jesus message is unlike that of Muhammad it is about peace. Both declared peace through justice and both have in their religion what is called just war.8- You can not use the Muslims situation now as evidence of their retardation. Colonism and imperialism worked hard to oppress them and the extremist phenomenon is the work of their oppressor leaders and the West.9- You can not refute the Quran unless you are well versed in the Arabic language. The Arab disbelievers who fought Islam and were well versed in Arabic were not able to see mistakes in the text. That is why they chose many times to label him as a soccer.10- Do not refute the Quran because it is in Arabic. God sends his message in what language he choose Hebrew, Aramaic or Arabic.11- Do not use the polygamy of the prophet against him since it was God orders like he did that with many prophets before. He sometimes chose to prophets who they marry and has a wisdom that we may not grasp.12- Do not use the polygamy in Islam against it since it is the exception and has one main reason is taking care of the orphans.13- Do not use women rights since it is better than in any culture and religious group.14- Make verses like the Quran but do it perfectly right. I red in the Internet the Quran that someone tried to make up and was a hilarious book.15- You have to reconcile the morality, wisdom and ethics of Quran as well the morality and personality of Muhammad with things that could be outrageous that you may say about him.16- You have when you copy from the Quran, hadith (Muhammad PBUH sayings) and sera (Muhammad PBUH biography) things against Islam to appreciate that Muslims did not hide anything or delete anything that may be controversial or seemingly bad against Islam. Like they quote Aisha the wife of the prophet when she joked with him that God is looking after his desires. They did not quote her when she said about him that his morals was that of Quran or the great things she said about him.17- They can not cut and paste to make a scenario against Islam or Quran since we know what they are cutting from and what they are pasting to.18- They have to understand that the one they are refuting is the creator of the universe and the one who owns heavens and hells. They have to be fair to him and to their souls. They are not refuting individuals or even kings. They are refuting the king of kings the one that kings will tremble from him in the day of judgement.19- You can not make a scenario that the Quran was inspired by Satan, Muslims will not buy it. The great spirituality and morality that Muslims enjoy can not be attributed to Satan.20- Do not use the one warded defense that is the Quran denies Jesus divinity so it is not from God when Jesus divinity itself was a controversial issue for early Christians and continued to be confusing issue for the current Christians.So refute the Quran but find something new and very convincing. Build a very good scenario and then you will find the mass exit out of Islam. You may also find the opposite during the process a mass conversion to Islam.