Friday, January 25, 2008

What do You Need To edit your Quran?

Many Muslims would not like me using this question. The reality is God is the one himself that invited the disbelievers to do that. He invited them to replicate a book like the Quran. They failed over 1428 years to do that. If you want to try today in order to succeed you need all of these:1- To have a computer to correct your spellings and grammar since there are no wrong spellings or grammatical errors in the Quran.2- You have to be a poem writer and linguistic genius, with the problem that you need to find a bahar (sea of poem) that the people never know and unable to replicate.3- You have to make people enjoy the rhyme without their ears awaiting the rhyme, but the meaning and for their enjoyment they get both.4- You have to know the bible stories and to add to them or modify them to be quite believable.5- You need a group of scientists to give you accurate scientific facts in medicine, space and physics.6- You need a group of judges to make new law or Sharia that is applicable and modifiable to suit every age.7- You need astrologers to tell you things that would happen in the future that are factual.8- You need to make the speaker full of authority, confidence and glory that people listen to with attention, admiration and humility.9- You need the speaker changing his talking from ordering, telling, calling, worshiping.... without feeling lost or overburdened10- You have to tell the story using the least of words and the greatest of the meaning.11- You have to make your book readable, recitable, enjoyable to sing and memorable so millions of people in the future will happily memorize it.12- You have to answer to the current events and in the mean time make it applicable to every age.If you succeed in all of that and you come up with this book (which has never happened) you still did not make the case that Muhammad (PBUH) had invented the Quran. Because he had no computer, he actually did not read or write. He was a single person and no human contributed to the Quran. He was not a poem writer, he has no judges, no Bible scholars, and no scientists working for him. Even if he had found scientists they have to have a knowledge that is over one thousand year advanced to their age. Besides, he was observed over 23 years as the Quran inspired to him and he dictated the Quran to the Muslims who wrote it. So if you to make your Quran you have to show everyone around you that you are not hiding a computer, a bible scholar or a scientist in your closet.If you succeeded in making the Quran You have to be very bold in telling a great lie that this book is from God and you did not make it up. You have to use it in your prayer to faithfully pray to the God that you lied about.