Friday, January 25, 2008

The Establishment"

In Wikipedia "The Establishment" is a pejorative term to refer to the traditional ruling class elite and the structures of society which they control. The term can be used to describe specific entrenched elite structures in specific institutions, but is usually informal in application and pejorative. For example, candidates for political office are often said to have to impress the "party establishment" in order to win endorsement.

This word The Establishment you hear it more in the news now than ever, particularly in the current 2008 American Presidential Election. The people of America wants to declare their dissatisfaction with The Establishment. There is no better way to declare that in a democratic country except by election. Politicians felt it and all for change now.The American people has forced the politicians to either change or be changed. It says to the establishment we need change and we do not care if we change The Establishment or The Establishment change itself.The spirit of change is not known how and where it came from it is likely multi factorial. It is like a strong wind that blow on the faces of all of us. The establishment have to adapt to the wind and not to stand to its force. The media got it and is leading the people for call of change. We are in the perfect storm and we can not look back the change is a call by most Americans. It is not a proposal it is a strong demand.It is not an empty call or a new fad it is real new existence coming with its ideas and its strategies. It will let us all participate in a positive change in our lives. It is not only about new ideas for governing like health care and so forth but also the way in how to govern through team thinking and consensus. It is the strong wind of change that will advance our enjoyment of the advance of science and sharing wealth. It is the way of delivery it is like in health care you have all the advances and you do not have the best way of delivery.It is not about a person or a leader it is about ideas you can feel , touch and prove. It is not an empty rhetoric it is about the fine details on plans for our future. It is not about destroying The Establishment but about deep changes in the hearts and minds of the individuals of the establishment. It is about we all compete and take the lead in this new change of America ordinary Americans or members of The Establishment. It is about getting idealism out of our hearts to be our daily reality. It is about a new spirit that change all of us to a new perfect and united America.It is about we are to stand for each of us. It is about our success we see it in other people success and not their failures. It is about crossing all party lines all things that separate us to meet right in the middle and have everyone realise his dreams.It is not about me or you it is about all of us. We all are the Establishment. The elites, politicians, media, CEO's .... will get it we have let them be The Establishment and it is time to know that we are the people who established them.We are the people of America are requiring that The Establishment to feel that they are America, we and them are one and the same.