Sunday, January 27, 2008

For My Self Interest Let Them Convert To Islam.

I imagined myself a non-Muslim who is living in western countries. Then I investigated Islam and I found that it has a lot of benefits to me even if I do not become a Muslim. I wanted people to convert to Islam for my self-interests:1- Very low crime rate.2- No one will run me over while he is drunk.3- No one will steal my properties.4- No one will give an STD to member of my family.5- No one will bully my children.6- No one will discriminate or oppress me.7- No one will deceive me.8- I will not be fearful and anxious from wicked people around me.9- No poverty and all people will be taken care of.10- I will have free speech and human dignity.Your answer may be but in there countries Muslims are the least civilized this is due to their leaders that the west did its best to keep them in power. You may say terrors they are the products of their leaders and the west. They are born out of extreme injustice and oppression. You may say but they hate Jews and Christians. False teachings of some retarded people. How we can call people to become Muslims if we would put them down. All non-Muslims are potential Muslims. You may say what the guarantee that Muslims will be like you. Free speech and democracy make people find the right middle ground and common sense Islam. The Islam of the Arab tyrants and the reactionary Muslim extremists are both against Islam. Note many Non-Muslims have the above characters, for Muslims they are the rituals or the routine or supposed to be so.