Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good News To The Arab Tyrants: There is no Mahdi after all.

This is the dream of the Arab tyrants, I imagine them talking to themselves, there is no Mahdi after all:1- The time of oppression of Muslims every where is not this time there is many years still for end of time. We will let some Muslim scholars proclaim so or they would say there is no Mahdi after all or he came and gone with the wind.2- The Arab and Muslims masses are too weak after all.3- The Islamic clergy is in our hand at least the major part of the official clergy.4- We are protected by the west.5- Any rise up of a Mahdi or revolution we will label them terrorists and lump them with extremists. After all we are part of the war against terror.6- We will continue give our people false hope and will continue enjoy power and money like the good old days.7- The interest of the West and Israel who are controlling the world is with us. We are the best alternative.8- If even a Mahdi will rise today America will have the ways to get him if they do not already have the plan. They may even make one and destroy him in the right time, though they may be wrong and the west support him and even Israel.9- It is even paranoia to think that God will send a man that will change the world from oppression and tyranny to Justice and equality.10- The Mahdi look to appear as the Antichrist for the Christians so they will take care of him we do not need to worry.11- After all there is no God and no prophecies we are the one who control the world affairs and the wicked will continue to inherit the earth.