Sunday, January 27, 2008

Islam: The Religion Of The Common Sense.

The religion of Islam continued to spread all over the world from its first days for the good reasoning it provides:1-The truth of Islam: though man has created to himself a religion even if he did not have one. Islam with all the miracles of the Quran stands as the truth. It is very exciting to like something very much and you find as well it is the truth.2-God in Islam is one. Multiple Gods defy even the common sense. Every God may fight with the other or take his own creation away. I do not recall that humans choose to elect two presidents in the same time in one country.3- The evil power in the world is a witness of existence of Satan who defies God. You see people are able to work with machines rather than working with one another. Animals rarely fight and it is only for food. Man would create reasons to fight.4- The messages from God by prophets. Who are the best of us.5- The inspired message through angels or visions.6- Doing the good and fighting the evil is a continuous daily process for Muslim.7- Fear of God cause man continuously try to improve and create the righteous communities.8- The ten commandments or major sins make people less anxious so they would not get paranoid about sins.9- Repentance, is like cleansing. Even prophets who do not or rarely sin repent. It is like an apology to God if you sinned or unaware of something he did not like you did. It always says that I can be better and I will continue always to improve. But repentance should not be a plan you decide to sin for years and then repent at certain time.10- Prayers: In Islam you start the day by praying and end it by praying. It causes you to fear God and be a better person all times.11- Fasting: it serves to make us feel the hunger of the poor, be more merciful and appreciative of the gifts of God.12- Pilgrim: Muslims do not worship the Kupa. They pray at the Kupa it is a holy place like mount Sinai people do not worship the mountain but they remember its holy history. Pilgrim serves to unite Muslims. It make everyone feel the same like other Muslims. We all are equal, but the more righteous is the closet to God in Heaven.13- Morality: teachings of the Quran and hadith contain all the moral code as little as how to clear the road if there is dirt in people way.14- Moral government: Islam realized from early days that building a righteous communities would be best done through a group act and through the right structure of the government.15-Humanity: Islam domination is not for love of domination but it is because of God's orders. Corruption, tyranny and immorality have been the characters of governments over the history. It is to guarantee good and dignified living to all people including non-Muslims. Islam in large part believe in a single family of one man and one woman. Muslims would like to have same prosperity to all families in the earth including non-Muslims.16-Modernity: in Islam you can watch movies, opera and concerts. Entertainment is important but if we avoid sex, violence and Satanic temptations to destroy communities.17- Individuality: people in Islam has the right to disbelieve and in their home they have the right to sin. God does want you to freely minded to accept to believe and not to sin. In fact talking about the sex life of a person is prohibited in Islam except for rape and pedophilia. There is no Imam between you and God. A sincere person who fears God may be even better than an Imam for God. You do not confess to anyone. There is no middle man. God loves to have a relation one on one with each one of us.