Sunday, January 27, 2008

They Will Work You To Death.

Babylon the great would work American people to death. This is the way it work:1- They will give you anything you like or say consume. They will give it you with no down payment accept for houses, cars and other big things. Then will let you pay over the years with your blood and sweat.2- They will call it the American dream. The reality is you are being sucked by some suckers for something called interest rate.3- Although interest rate is prohibited in the Bible and Quran for Babylon the Bible does not count. It is only used when planning wars for oil.4- The more it is difficult to pay the bad your credit will pay and you will need to pay even higher interest rates to the masters who control the economy.5- Thus the rich are investing in lending the poor. The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. As times go by the poor could not pay back to the rich as you hear now with the credit crunch.
6- A lot of Americans have difficulty getting out of poverty (many are African Americans).7- The approaching collapse of social security and medicare will add millions of Americans to the billions of the poor in the world.8- The social security retirement age is being pushed by both parties. You may just need to work until you die. It will be good for the government to see you die the day you start to be entitled to social security.9- For the rich to continue control the poor they achieve that through a political system formed of politicians and lobbyists and semidemocracy.10- As Ralph Nader call them the corporate slaves. They are nice and smart people but they are working within the roles they are players. They have the laws of the game they can not break it and do not suspect they will break it.11- To have a true outsider to change the politics in Washington he would need to be a true outsider. I mean from outside America.12- The players of Babylon feels the anger of the American people and the insiders will try to act as outsiders and the game will be played again. Just some of the players have to change the number of their shirts.13- Babylon is just too rich, too indulged and too self-righteous to change.14- The two parties that are controlling the system are playing within the boundaries of the games. The media, the elites are part of the game.15- Babylon is not only taking advantage of the American people but also the poor countries. With the seemingly generous world bank and IMF. They lend money to poor countries and let them drown in debts of their interest rates so they can control them.16- Babylon is very smart and controlling. It uses all its powers to control the world.17- If you are American they will work you to death to pay your debts. You actually have to keep working and not to criticize the masters. If you miss two months mortgage you will be in the street.18- Babylon did no fight communism and leftists because of its conviction but because of her corporate interests.19- Babylon actually uses some of the religious leaders to justify its greed and illegal wars.20- If someone to come with plans to correct the sins of Babylon like me they will use their religious players who by the way are very rich to convince Christians that God would only save the world by Christ. I would think it will be nice of them to give their millions of dollars to the poor, I do not see why they mind to correct and liverish their ownselves if they are waiting for a saviour.