Sunday, January 27, 2008

How It Is Different To Think God Versus To Think Self

Feeling important is very human. Each of us likes to hear his name called and his opinions listened to. However, it is much different when we think God instead of thinking self. Imagine a group of us are sitting on a large table. Imagine that we all seeing God or feeling his presence as we are talking. This will be the way it goes:1- We will be feeling that God is watching us.2- We will feel we are united by God, instead of everyone going his way.3- We will feel that we are obliged to follow the good of God.4- We will be just, facts-finding and considerate.5- Instead of thinking how to win arguments we will lay our opinions without demeaning the other side.6- The good instead of bad spirit will prevail.7- Each one of us will feel important, very human. But we will be more productive.8- We will create the consensus that we feel agrees with the just of God and the advance of humanity.Thinking God when we argue is the solution to most of human problems.