Sunday, January 27, 2008

How to spread Islam?

The first question to ask Why should we convert people to Islam? The answer is simple: to follow the truth of God, to prepare the earth for Jesus second coming, to help free the Muslim world not by wars but by political solutions, to have all of us enjoy the prosperity and advances in technology and medicine. Simply better life to all of us in the earth. People who would scare you about this universal justice and equality are advocates for the status qua on behalf of the very rich and connected in the world. Politicians in many countries and different religions would use religious leaders to keep the status qua. If someone call for universal justice religious leaders will warn their people that he is a liar, Satan disguised or the Antichrist. They will tell you that God would not send a politician or economist for world affair but sacrifices his son. My thinking is the opposite God would need to send a politician and economist with a plan before he sends Jesus back to earth. No one of us can come close to Christ we all are ordinary people that are asked to prepare the world for him. Many Christians would not consider Islam given the Jihadists that the west and Arab tyrants created and the fear they will be out of the kingdom of God. However, it is not a lost case. We have as Muslims to adopt the following:1- Civilized dialogue.2- We need to be ready to take any criticism, like violent religion, women oppression we have not to be sensitive or reactive. The cool headed win in the end.3- We should expect that as I read prophecies that a majority of people will turn to Islam in near future. We have the power of prophecy we just need the wisdom of mind.4- Expect all attacks on Islam and using people who left Islam against Islam. Do not be angry or emotional. The prophet was told he is a liar, crazy and other names and in few years his message was all over the Arabia, many people were hard-headed and tribal.5- Get the convert to Islam to speak out and lay down their stories.6- Have comparative religion with Priests and people in top of Christianity if you can convince the people in top their followers are more likely to follow you.7- Use to convert people their interest so to convince a doctor use medical miracles in Quran. To convince an economist use economic concepts of Islam and how it prevent inflation and recession in the economy. To convince a politician use political Islam. To convince a judge use Islamic laws and so forth.8- As religious dialogue takes place confrontation and Jihadists will retreat.9- There is no compulsion in religion. If people do not convert to Islam we do the right thing and try to have happy and peaceful coexistence with them.10- They may doubt our intentions or it may take them good time before they realize our good intentions. We are better off anyway if priests and nuns to lead the discussion.11- Do not fall in the trap that the Arab tyrants want it to be: Muslims against Christians, West against Muslims or holy war that they want people in the west to feel so they fear any major reforms in our region.Jihad means in Islam struggle. At personal level each of us struggle to be a better person as Muslims we struggle to spread God's word in earth. The best and smartest struggle is the political struggle to win other people hearts and minds. You need to be strong but not to intimidate people this is a simple political fact. A lot of problems and injustices can be solved by politics and not wars.