Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Great Wake up Surperise.

If I die tomorrow and go to grave and find no angels to ask me about what is my religion and who is my God I did not loose much. I enjoyed talking to God and praying to him. It is just too much of a coincidence that will be no God there. I did the good in my life and I felt good about it. True I could have enjoyed myself more in life but I still remember I had a lot of good meals. I followed the ten commandments and they did work for me. I will not be surprised if I there is no life after death since I will not be awake at that time. The one who will have the great surprise is the one who did not believe in God, spirit, life after death and the day of judgment. For him the wake up will be great surprise. He will see and hear the angels and he would not be able to tell them about the God he declined. I think these will be one or more of his reasoning at that time:1- I did not know religions or Islam.2- I did not care to find out.3- I did not have time to think about religions or Islam.4- I just followed what my parents follow.5- I have no debts to God, I was self-created, randomly created or my ancestors were apes.6- I was not looking for heaven or hell I was looking to end it at this point.7- Muslims and other religious people pissed me off.8- I had declined my spirituality and the inner desire for searching for God.9- I had declined the reasoning of the existence of God.10- I am all smarter than the ordinary people who are searching and finding God.11- The God is within me I worship myself.12- I worship an idea, meaning, organization, ..... anything but God13- I worship stone, animal or star I just wanted anything but God.14- I think the Hebrew prophets conspired to create a continuum of religion that ended by the two last prophets Jesus and Muhammad.15- Wars even between the people of same God. Though I am not sure they would not fight if there is no religion at all.16- All the evil in the world and there is God. Though it would be even more unjust if there is no God.17- I have a great pride I am not worshiping even God. I am so self-proud that I would not submit to God.18- I am too arrogant to accept all the reasoning for the existence of God. I can look to you in the eye and decline them.19- I am just a prim-evil and I worship Satan.Oh my God I still have time to think about God. I am reading the Quran today and I am going to the Mosque tomorrow.