Sunday, January 27, 2008

What Mahdi they are Waiting for?

When I read or hear the news I feel sad. What Mahdi they are looking for:1- Shia and Sunni against each other though essential for his success is to have them united.2- Extremists do not know what is the difference between force and power.3- Arab tyrants are allying themselves with the west more so when they heard news from secret agencies that El Mahdi may be going to appear. They are even competing with him to make conciliation with Israel so they can block his rise.4- The Arab did not forget their obsessions with Israel that took us nowhere.5- Iran who does not cool it down and make the west and Israel afraid of El Mahdi and not happy to receive him.6- Some in the Christians rights for wrong understanding of prophecies think he is the Antichrist though he is a very pro-Christ. They also are working to block his rise.The fact is the Mahdi is not a pro-war guy or Anti-Israel or Anti-Christ. His army is not soldiers but normal people. His revolution is not bloody but ideological. His rise will change peacefully the world. We will overwhelm them. He is very likely will have the plans, the ideas, the wisdom, the interest of most of people and the power of prophecy. His rise in Islamic prophecies will be sudden and will be determined only by God. I am not a prophet I am just another guy in the web.