Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tim Lahaye: Revelation Unveiled

Tim Lahaye is a man of God and he is a sincere pastor of Jesus teachings. I have a lot of problems however with his confidant interpretation of the Book of revelation. I will explain below my points:1- He did not study the Islamic prophecies to compare them with the revelation.2- He talks very confidently that he studied Islam and did not think it has good moral values. Though in large part it is about the same like the old testament and Christ teachings (ten commandments, minor sins and good deeds).3- He confirms that prophecy is a must happen event. This is true in large part but God compassion precedes his anger. If we all know what is make him angry instead of waiting for his wrath we can follow the righteousness of all our religions. He waived the torture he had promised Jonah against his people when they repented.4- God wrath in revelation was assigned for people who do not repent (it did not say not to believe in being saved by the blood of Jesus) so we all need to repent and follow God's path.5- There is nothing in revelation that confirms that rupture is the ascent of Christians to meet the Lord in the air. If you read Jesus messages to the church is that of condemnation followed by no mention of Church likely for its conversion to Islam (voluntarily) or conversion to real Christianity as first practiced in time of Christ (God knows better).6- The Antichrist in Islamic prophecies will only be in earth for 40 days that precede the second coming of Christ. The one he is interpreting in the revelation is Al Mahdi in Islam who is a just leader and he is Elijah who will pave the way to Christ by preparing the world to be righteous. He was described as a man in Islamic prophecies not a prophet or Imam. His main message will be justice and peace so very likely he will be very humble guy and had a lot of injustices. There is no peace without justice. He is very likely will have minor errors in his life and he will be willing to have people correct him. Most important he will have the spirits of God understanding, counseling, fear of God...7- He describes Daniel 9:24 as mostly acceptance of Jesus particularly by Jews as son of God. it is very clear that it is straightforward that the purpose of this verse and the tribulation is for all of us to be righteous( to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to bring everlasting righteousness..) if we are to do that God promised us in Judaism, Christianity and Islam that he will have Jesus in second coming to be our king and create God's kingdom in earth. So if we all are smart we have to get the tribulation to be a peaceful and safe period by creating the righteous societies.8- He guesses the mystery Babylon is Iraq though a lot of Christians prophecies writers believe it is America If this is the case Mr. Lahaye would have done a great disservice to the American people.9- The evil for him is not accepting Christ as the savior. Muslims on the other hand accepted Jesus as the savior through his teachings and not his blood. I do not see in his book assigning most of the sins he enumerated that keep men from repentance to the western civilization that put material before religions and morals.I hope Mr. Lahaye hold a conference with other Christians, Jews and Muslims theologians and discuss the world affairs on light of prophecies and what ignite God's wrath against all of us. I wish they forward their opinions to politicians. Hopefully we can pass the time of tribulation with peace and love. The tribulation will be all over all of us and not some sect. We all are going through the tribulation. No one have to convert to anyone else religion except if he is very convinced from his heart. Most important is to get us all righteous and end transgression and sins.