Sunday, January 27, 2008

Reprogramming Our Brains.

It is amazing how the media does to human brain. If you would get an Arab or Muslim person and put him in a test that can map his brain and give him two different sentence. First is that two Palestinian were killed by Israel and the second is that 50,000 Muslims were killed by the Sudanese government. You will get only little response in the brain in the second case and with the first case you will get very strong response.This can go on with other people from different countries upon discussing different issues. In the age of communications and if there are true democracies we can reprogram well our brains, all of us. We can get back to the natural free exploring brains that God created in us. We would realize the common things that we all share and we will be able to put our feet in others shoes. We will look beyond race, religion, borders and all things that divide us. I could have born Christian or Jew and from any other country.If we to do that we will realize that the welfare of and happiness of every one of us will reflect on all of us. We will feel that the right ego is not a selfish one but a collective one. We will find for the first time that idealism meets with realism and they are not mutually exclusive.There is always something in our nature that hold us from doing that call it self-destruction or demonic power. But it is essential that we know it and resist it . In all of us there is this little messiah who wants to see all people happy, all the world in peace and justice is prevailing. If we would let this little messiah inside us to be released we will create the collective messiah. No movie in Hollywood would match our reality.For this to happen one of us has to jump in the middle and attract all the others. Even in the beginning if they feel he is crazy or a day dreamer let it be. He has to be the little first messiah that moves us and help us to free the messiahs inside us. After we all to move to be messiah very likely he will retract and enjoy the show that is going spontaneous without him.It will not be a moment of a little glare in history of human race but the beginning of an everlasting light. If we could sit all together and put a permanent program that take care of all of us and solve most of our problems and potential disputes we will succeed in finding a great and enjoyable peaceful world. It takes a little messiah in the beginning and a lot of wisdom to reprogram our brains and reach to the ultimate goal of our true existence.