Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Great Silent Convertion To Islam.

When Muhammad (PBUH) received first the God's revelation of Islam he was ordered by God to spread Islam in secret. This does not mean that People in Mecca his village did not know about his revelation but to talk to people in secret about it. The reason for that is God's experience with his previous prophets who were attacked with their followers. Jesus showed them a miracle after miracle and people chose to disbelieve him and persecute him. Satan is waiting in the earth to any prophet that gets message from God to attack him before he even starts.Muhammad and his close friends were approaching close families and reading to them the verses of Quran as they came from heaven to Muhammad.This went on for about 3 years when practically it was difficult to keep it secret any longer and Muslims were strong enough to protect one another. Though unfortunately this particularly did not work well for poor Muslims who were under the control of non-Muslims. For the next 10 years Muslims suffered a lot under the hate, oppression and persecution of non-Muslims, you can consider them the infidels.These few Muslims who carried the message and suffered a lot for Islam and called the immigrants are the people who we are indebted to them for carrying the religion to us. As they fled the persecution they want to another village called Medina. Her people other Arabs had learnt from the Jews the expectation of a prophet to appear at that time. They were called the supporters since they believed Muhammad and protected him and Muslims. They with the immigrants are the best people Islam has known. Islam no longer was a secret or threatened religion it got strong and founded its own existence. After three main wars with the infidels Muslims peacefully surrounded and took Mecca. Then Islam spread to the Arab peninsula before Muhammad death.I do expect that there will be a silent conversion to Islam in the west, if it is not already going on. Why silent? I think because of Islamic Jihadists that caused Neo-Muslims to be in position to ally with their people who are non-Muslims against any attacks on the west. Meanwhile they will be waiting for reasonable Muslims to find the right bridge between Islam and the West. They may actually lead these efforts themselves not as Muslims yet or as new converts you never know.I suspect this Neo-Muslims, unlike Neo-Cons would like to see just world to all people whatever their religions. The thing about Islam is many of the best of the people contributed to Islam are non-Arabs and new converts. They have the enthusiasm and the faith first hand not second hand just to be born as Muslims. They went and crossed all barriers to be Muslims. They reached Islam after long reasoning and examining all the scriptures from the three major religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Their leaders I suspect will be Rabbi, Priests and politicians.I suspect these Neo-Muslims are already in the west in millions and they are waiting for the right time to declare their Islam. I call it "The Great Silent Conversion to Islam".