Sunday, January 27, 2008

Faith And Bias.

If someone would tell me I want to convert Muslims to Christianity I would have some anger under my skin so I may try to hide it. We cherish our faith much since it means a lot to us. It is commonly our parents' faith, our memories and our identity.Even the idol worshipers at the time of the prophet Muhammad were strongly attached to their faith which had no book, sound bases or make any sense. A lot of Gods that they made by their hands, they created them and not the reverse. God in Quran used a reason after reason to guide them to his true religion.Christians have a great religion which have great teachings. We have to give them the credit that it contributed much to their freedom, free markets, care of poor..... Muslims are inherently pro-Christians. The anti-Christian attitude in the Muslim world is built on a conspiracy theory that "Christians are oppressing Muslims". The reality is the rich and powerful controlling the world wants to keep the status quo that benefit them. Many of them are Muslims.Geopolitically there is no war between Islam or Christianity but Jihad (political struggle that is waged by moderate Muslims, Christians And Jews to change the world for the better). Violence is counterproductive and harm our causes as Muslims. Christ is coming back and we ought to get better world to welcome his return.Christians and Muslims both have the right to convert the other side, admitting in the same time the difficulties. Both would be wise to continue cherish their commonality. Faith has unfortunately, significant bias. Muhammad (PUBH) was tireless in calling people to Islam and suffered for them a lot. That is why Muslims loves him, it did come to us on a silver plate.As Jesus mentioned that no one can come from God except through him, Muhammad came through him. He came to confirm Jesus message and Islam is its extension. If Quran is from God as we Muslims believe we are Jesus followers. Muslims and Christians should continue have the religious dialogue with the understanding that a lot of Muslims were at certain times Christians like many Jews became Christians after Jesus. It is not about whose faith is right but what is God word, will and commandments are.