Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Abrahamic Faith On The Defense.

A Rabbi, a Priest and an Imam were supposed to meet with people of all other religions outside the Abrahamic faith. They talked it over they have to present the Abrahamic faith in the best way and make people from other religions tempted to accept one of the three religions of the Abrahamic faith. They agreed in what to say to the other religions. They came up with this statement. As Abrahamic faith we agree upon that we have in common:1- Abraham was true messenger from God.2- We believe in all prophets of old testament.3- The Prophets are contacted by God through Angels, visions and rarely too close to hear like Moses.4- There is heaven and hell.5- There are prophecies in each of the three books of the three faiths that make people of the same religion believe it is from God. A high being that know and control the history.6- Our enemy is Satan who tempted our parents Adam and Eve and he is the one who continue to tempt us with evil.We agree also among us that:1- Animosity between us the three religions was mostly for prejudice, lack of wisdom and Satan temptation. Many wars between people of same religion was due to political ambitions and control.2- There is a David messiah who would establish God's kingdom in earth. The age of Aquarius is close to us.3- Humanity should be the base of our Abrahamic faith and all the world.4- We encourage others to read the Bible (old testament and new testament) and Quran and find out about the Abrahamic faith. There is no compulsion in religion. It is like the free market every one bring to the market what he has and the customers make the choice. If we are right and the Abrahamic faith is from a real God that has afterlife and eternity we have to spread to you the good news.After the Rabbi, the Priest and the Imam finished the talk to other people from other religions, one asked them can we go through some questions. The Rabbi, Priest and Imam said in one voice "the Internet". The Rabbi came close to the other people and whispered to them "if you start to ask questions these two guys will start to fight". As they were leaving the room the Priest and the Imam did the same.